Friday, March 16, 2012

Painting with bubbles!

W loves to blow bubbles in her drinks, so when I found an art project where she would get to do just that I knew she would love it.

  • 2 TBS of paint
  • Small squirt of dish soap
  • Fill cup up with water
  • Stir and put a straw in it.
I made four cups - pink, purple, yellow and green. Put them together on a tray in the yard and told her to blow bubbles. When she had lots of bubbles I gave a piece of paper and told her to press it into the bubbles. Then we found a place for the paper to dry. She did this 6 times then ran out of paper and she chose to blow bubbles one more time just for fun.
This was a great project and now I am going to use her paintings to make her thank you cards for her birthday.