Saturday, May 10, 2008

My first blog post

Wow! I did it and without Brent setting this up for me. Sometimes I think I have become too dependent on Brent to "handle" anything computer related. OK, I have become way too dependent, but this was a great first move on my part to step more into the cyber-world. Actually, my first move was to join a social networking site for knitters. For months I really didn't get the value or the interest in social networking sites, but changed that for me. I have not met anyone or joined any groups but I love the ability to get and share information. I have found knitting patterns that I love and gotten great info about yarns. I also like the ability to organize my projects and share with friends what I am working on.

So how did I get to the point where I created a blog? Well, it all began with me beginning to take care of myself in a new way. I suffered a difficult loss and decided that I was tired of feeling like crap all of the time. So, I began with taking more of my free time to do things I wanted to do instead of what I felt I needed or should do. I felt like it was the only thing I could do to manage my grief and honestly I didn't have the patience or interest to do anything except what I had to do and what I wanted to do.

So I began with knitting and stamping hand-made cards. Spending my time in creative ways really began to help me feel better. From here I made a big decision. To change the way I eat.

My relationship with food is the one aspect of my life that I have never been able to handle. I have been on every diet know to woman, and I always failed and so some time ago I truly gave up. I progressively have gotten heavier and sicker for years.

Thanks to our friends J&C who were a great inspiration, Brent and I made a commitment to follow a plan called The Life Force Plan. This plan stripped away all processed food along with all of my confused "rules" from the years of mixed diets. In up coming posts I will explain more of our process with the LFP. For now I will simple say it has changed my body, my health, my relationship with food, my energy, and where I put my energy.

All of this is the long way to explain the origins of this blog... Following My Bliss. I am realizing that following my bliss is what I have been doing and now I want to document for myself what this journey has been all about. I also want use this space as a place to share with my friends and family my experiences, recipes, and creative projects - whatever I am doing to follow my bliss.

Maybe it will inspire you to follow yours.


Brent said...

I am so impressed and inspired by your new-found enthusiasm. I know you will be an inspiration for all who find themselves in your presence.

Orso said...

Hi Amanda!!!
Yea you did it. I told you blog was the way to go:) I look forward to checking in on your blog and enjoying the recipes. You are always an inspiration and it's nice to see you sharing it with the world.